Meet the Board


James Goff, Senior Prosthetist and Vice President of the Board

James Goff is the founder of New Life with Limbs.  Through his connections with Indian Creek Christian Church and their missions in Sierra Leone, he was able to use his talent to meet the needs of many victims of the civil war.  The first trip validated James’ cause, and New Life with Limbs was born.  James is always excited to show Christ’s love through prosthetics, and he shares Christ’s story and prays with each amputee he meets.  His passion to help people and the Lord shine out for all to see.  James has been the primary prosthetist on the 2013 Sierra Leone, 2014 Sierra Leone, and 2014 Haiti trips.


SamiSami DeVries, Certified Prosthetist

Sami DeVries has traveled to Sierra Leone in 2013 and 2014 as a student prosthetist, where she measured future patients and fit prosthetic arms.  Sami feels she is following God’s calling with her connection with New Life with Limbs.  Sami originally went to school and worked as biomedical engineer, but she did not feel that she was “helping people” as she desired.  She reflected and found prosthetics and James Goff through a mutual friend.  Sierra Leone 2013 validated her calling when she was able to use her engineering and prosthetic skills and her servant’s heart to help the people of Sierra Leone.


fullerJohn Fuller, President of the Board

John Fuller is the President of New Life with Limb’s board.  He has had a long life of serving others through various organizations.  After 4 years in the Marines, Fuller continued to serve his country at home as a fire fighter.  In 1979, he was injured in the line of duty, and after months of surgeries, he lost the battle to save his leg.  Mr. Fuller continued on to various positions, including building 2 companies from the ground up.  Mr. Fuller has served as a deacon at his church, as well as served in mission trips to Russia, Romania, and Mexico.  His strong vision to serve those in need has led to his leadership on New Life with Limb’s board.


Keith Dickerson, Treasurer of the Board

Keith Dickerson serves as Treasurer of New Life with Limb’s Board of Directors.  Keith is a Certified Public Accountant and has used that experience in starting up and purchasing several business ventures.  Keith is a happy father of three children, and he enjoys serving at Indian Creek Christian Church and on the board of directors at Shepherd Community Center and Kids Alive International.



bleill-joshJosh Bleill, Board Member

Josh Bleill has a heart to serve and give back to other amputees.  Josh served in the Marine Corp Reserves in 2004.  He was conducting combat patrols in Fallujah, Iraq in 2006 when he was seriously wounded by an IED that struck his vehicle.  He suffered multiple injuries, including the loss of both his legs above the knees.  Josh has turned this trajedy into an opportunity to become an inspirational speaker.  Josh has written a book, One Step at a Time, in which he shares his experience and his recovery.  He currently works as an inspirational speaker for the Colts, where he inspires young and old to look past their challenges and be hopeful about the future.