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End of Ebola Outbreak, November 7, 2015

“United States Congratulates Sierra Leone on the End of Ebola Outbreak

The United States Government congratulates the government and people of Sierra Leone on the declaration on the end of the Ebola outbreak on November 7, 2015. This is an historic milestone that comes after more than 17 months of intense struggle and sacrifice to end the worst-ever Ebola outbreak in history.

Ending the current outbreak is a moment for celebration, but also reflection. Over 8,700 individuals in Sierra Leone were infected with the disease during this outbreak, and nearly 3,600 perished. The victims include hundreds of doctors, nurses, and response personnel. They are heroes, and we mourn their loss while celebrating this day, which they made possible. Over 4,000 Sierra Leoneans are Ebola survivors, and they too are heroes who need our respect and support as they struggle to resume normal lives. The United States is profoundly grateful to the countless individuals and organizations, both Sierra Leonean and international, that came together as a coalition to defeat the virus. Most of all, we congratulate the people of Sierra Leone for their strength and unity in the face of this terrible outbreak.

Experience has shown that where Ebola has occurred, it will resurface. So the United States resolves to remain vigilant and urges others to do likewise. Sierra Leone today is more prepared than ever for future health emergencies, but more needs to be done to ensure that it never again experiences a public health crisis like the just-ended Ebola outbreak. In this light, the United States is a steadfast partner of Sierra Leone and will continue to provide robust support to the country’s health system so that it can better prevent, detect, and manage public health emergencies and promote the health of all Sierra Leoneans.”

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Publicado por U.S. Embassy Freetown, Sierra Leone en Sábado, 7 de noviembre de 2015


Ebola Update, August 18, 2014

Ebola has continued to spread in Sierra Leone, threatening future trips to Western Africa for the New Life with Limbs team.  Recent numbers from the World Health Organization indicate that nearly 2200 people in West Africa have become infected with the Ebola virus, and 1,145 have perished from the disease.  So far, this has been the deadliest outbreak on record of the Ebola virus, and there are concerns that it has not showed signs of declining.  Fear of medicine and the government, as well as funeral practices, has led to unpreceded spread of the deadly disease.  The people of Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea could use your prayers to help stop the spread of this horrible disease.


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Haiti Trip, March 2014Photo Feb 25, 5 50 29 PM

James & Mark have just returned from our first trip to Haiti!  It was a major success.  The prosthetic team, which included a prosthetist, orthotist, prosthetic student, and a nurse traveled to the Love a Child Compound in Haiti.  Using measurements taken last October, the team came prepared with prostheses to fit all the amputees in the compound.  The team worked hard over the week-long trip, and they were able to fit 5 above-knee amputees and 8 below-knee amputees with prosthetic legs.  The victims of the earthquake were so excited to be on their feet again!  The team also fit 2 prosthetic arms and 3 orthotic devices.  Haiti was a beautiful country, and the team enjoyed working with Love a Child Ministries in this mission.


Safe Returns from Sierra Leone, Africa, February 2014

team 04James and Sami just returned from their second trip to Sierra Leone, Africa.  They used measurements taken on last year’s trip to fabricate prosthetic legs for the amputees of Sierra Leone.  They also brought Bump prosthetic arms to fit to the below-elbow amputees.  The trip was quite a success.  They were able to find all 10 people that they had made above-knee prosthetic legs for, and the team was able to get them all walking in a matter of days, with the help of the 2 physical therapists.  They were also able to make 4 new below-knee prosthetics for amputees New Life with Limbs had met on previous trips.  Using the Bump arms, the team was able to restore function to 12 below-elbow amputees.  So many were excited to write with their right side again!  And one amputee brought his work with him – a soldering iron and broken dvd player – so that he could try out his new prosthesis immediately!  It was so exciting to see the impact these devices were making in these people’s lives!


Inaugural Trip to Sierra Leone, March 2014

116James and Sami just returned from their first trip to Sierra Leone, Africa.  There were a lot of unknowns on this first trip, but God provided and everything worked out.  The team, 12 missionaries from Indian Creek Christian Church, traveled to Sierra Leone.  Prosthetic supplies were spread out between the 24 bags.  The team worked with 3 pastors in Sierra Leone who helped connect with amputees who needed prosthetic limbs.  It was a wonderfully successful trip!  The team was able to fit 1 above-knee prosthesis to an older gentleman, and the team’s occupational therapist worked with him for a few days, helping him transfer weight on to his prosthesis and learn to trust the knee joint.  The team was also able to fit 11 below-knee prostheses using the Anatomy system from Ossur.  James fabricated sockets onto the patient, and he had them walking within an hour of meeting them.  It was a truly amazing experience watching these people stand up and walk, carrying their crutches!  Sami fit 6 below-elbow amputees using the Bump system.  It was a wonderful success, and New Life with Limbs looks forward to returning in the future!