Our History

New Life with Limbs was founded in 2013 with the purpose of bringing Christ’s love to amputees across the world.

Our Inaugural trip was in February 2013 where we traveled to Sierra Leone, Africa.  We traveled with Indian Creek Christian Church’s mission trip to Bombali School for the Blind, meeting amputees in Makeni and Freetown.  We were able to meet many victims of the Sierra Leone Civil War.  Most leg amputation occurred due to infected gunshot wounds, and most arm amputations occurred via machete from foreign rebels.  These people have been trying to live their lives since the trauma in a world where Old Testament beliefs make them seen as “incomplete” or “of sin”.  These men, women, and children only wished to return to their lives before the war, so they can go back to work or school and provide for their families.

We spoke of Christ to many of these amputees.  We were able to rapidly fit 11 below-knee prostheses and 6 below-elbow prostheses to these men and women, and we measured 50 others.  We also were able to offer a baptismal service to the people of Sierra Leone.  Between the amputees, the blind school, and other people we touched during our visit, we baptized 39 souls that day.

New Life with Limbs longs to move forward, spreading Christ’s love to amputees of third world countries.  We returned to Sierra Leone in 2014 to fit an additional 26 limbs and provide care and supplies to our previous patients.  We also took our inaugural trip to Haiti in 2014 to work with Love-a-Child and provide prosthetic and orthotic supplies to victims of the Haiti Earthquake.