Our Supporters

We’d like to thank this opportunity to thank our supporters who have allowed us to bring Christ’s love to amputees all over the world.  Our Friends and Family have been invaluable to us and supporting us financially, emotionally, and spiritually as we travel to third world countries to bring Christ’s love to amputees.


psi logo final with formerlyProsthetic Solutions of Indiana (www.prosindiana.com)

Prosthetic Solutions of Indiana has been serving Indiana’s amputees for the past 20 years.  Originally, Rehabilitation Institute of Indianapolis, PSI has been living by the slogan “amputees helping amputees.”  James, the owner and manager of PSI, started New Life with Limbs.  PSI regularly volunteers time, facilities, and supplies to New Life with Limbs.


bumpBump (www.madebybump.org/)

Bump is a non-profit organization that has designed a low-cost, rapid-fit prosthetic arm.  The design of the prosthesis allows trained fitters to fit an arm to a patient and have them running the prosthesis proficiently in 30 minutes.  Bump partnered with New Life with Limbs during their 2013 trip to Sierra Leone, donating 8 arms.  We are very thankful for their donations and continued partnership.  In 2014, we fit an additional 12 Bump arms to amputees of Sierra Leone.


willow woodWillow Wood (http://www.willowwoodco.com/)

Willow Wood is a family-owned and operated prosthetic manufacturer located in Ohio.  We came to Willow Wood prior to our 2013 trip to Sierra Leone, and they gratiously donated liners for all the below-knee prostheses.  In 2014, we came to Willow Wood with the need of 1 remaining foot that we required for a patient, and they were able to donate a foot for Hawa.  We thank them for their continued generosity and support.


college parkCollege Park (www.college-park.com)

College Park is a prosthetics manufacturer in Michigan who set out in 1988 to design the world’s most anatomically correct prosthetic foot.  New Life with Limbs partnered with College Park in 2014, and College Park donated 14 feet, sized for each patient of Sierra Leone.  We are thankful to College Park for this generous gift, and we hope to continue this partnership for future trips.


creekIndian Creek Christian Church  (www.thecreek.org/ )

James’ connection with “The Creek” is what started this organization.  The Creek began traveling to Western Africa in 2006 to assist Bombali School for the Blind.  The blind school in Sierra Leone provides housing and education to unwanted blind children of the area.  Because the school is not recognized by the government, they receive no funding from Sierra Leone to provide food, care, and education to these wonderful children.  The Creek has been supporting the Bombali School for the Blind through rice, supplies, and infrastructure, such as a bathroom and outdoor kitchen.  Missionaries from The Creek noticed the large population of amputees near the school, and they asked if James had interest in going and fitting some artificial limbs.  This one request has turned into an organization that has over 60 patients across 2 continents.


ossurOssur (www.ossur.com)

Ossur is an Iceland-based company that aims to improve people’s mobility.  Ossur’s Icecast Anatomy System has provided a means to rapidly fit below-knee amputees.  James worked with Ossur’s experts to develop a process to make a custom prosthetic socket on-site, without requiring significant time, water, or electricity.  With this system, New Life with Limbs’ prosthetists are able to fit amputees within minutes of meeting them, rather than the traditional 2-3 week process in the states.  This allows New Life with Limbs to immediately fit amputees upon meeting them without needing to take measurements and come back a year later with a prosthesis.  Ossur has provided New Life with Limbs with discounted prices for their products, including the Icecast Anatomy system and liners.


royal knitRoyal Knit (www.royalknit.com)

Royal Knit is a manufacturer of prosthetic socks.  In previous New Life with Limbs trips, Royal Knit has provided prosthetic socks at reduced costs to the organization.  The importance of properly fitting and consistent prosthetic socks are very important to a new amputees understanding of maintaining their fit in a prosthesis.  We are appreciative to Royal Knit to allow us to provide excellent socks to our patients all over the world.