Sierra Leone 2018

Over the past four years of our mission in Sierra Leone, God has brought us 117 amputees.

We are currently preparing for our 2018 trip.  We are praying the we will be able to provide the following supplies to our patients:
18 new below-elbow prostheses
8 follow-up below-elbow supply packs
6 new above-elbow prostheses
2 above-elbow socket replacements (just the top part)
5 follow-up above-elbow supply packs
13 new below-knee prostheses
1 below-knee socket replacement
13 follow-up below knee supply packs
18 new above-knee prostheses
1 above-knee socket replacement
11 follow-up above-knee supply packs
1 new hip-disarticulation prosthesis
6 new bracing/orthotic solutions

That is 66 new prosthetic devices for our patients in Sierra Leone.   Please pray that we are able to gather the funds and supplies necessary to build these artificial arms and legs.  God has provided us with all we needed in the past, and we have faith that he will continue to provide us what we need to complete the task that is ahead of us.